Conscious communication with the world

Respecting cosmic laws we can create balance to find inner peace with life and the world.

We experience the effect and the deeper meaning of breathing. Now it is time to find our own rhythm, giving us inner strength and allowing us to create our future and who we become as an individual and a human being.

The path of the woman - from war to love
The conscious “cutting of the umbilical cord” of our four mothers (the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) is necessary to become independent. Then we can support our partners instead of mothering them. We discover the cosmic meaning of female.

Love and success - a joint venture
Understanding the bond between love and success within us, both privately and in business life, we build a strong foundation for happiness.

Wisdom of the ages in modern life

The concept of guilt vanishes as we recognize that whatever happened was a necessary step of development. Instead of accusing we take responsibility for our actions and forgive. We are living in a time of transformation!

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