Conscious communication in relationship

Having become conscious of ourselves we start to interact with people differently.

We all have female and male qualities that can be balanced and enhanced. Because of their nature, men and women are both different and complimentary. If partners support each other constructively, they can actually meet on four levels (body, emotion, mind, spirit) and mature together hence creating the threads of partnership.

5. Peace between the male and female within
Accept the male and female part within in order to become a total person. This sets us free, enabling us to realize what happens within when a man or a woman “appears”.

6. Conquer your fear of, or in a relationship
The questions “in which state of development am I, is my partner, is our relationship?” open up new perspectives that help to better support each other allowing us to mature together in harmony.

7. Embrace your partner in body and spirit
Love has a physical, an emotional, a mental and a spiritual level. Thus, sexuality becomes a sacred act enabling us to experience unity on all levels.

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