School for Joy of Life

The School for Joy of Life is an oasis of silence. Rather than being a regular school, it provides a space, where your body and senses are inspired to expand from an inner tightness into trust and security. In the Earth Room, the Root Room and the garden an access to Mother Earth as expression of a deeply female, supporting, nourishing and communicative quality becomes possible.

In the Wing Room open unexpected spaces of consciousness. Here you can recognize the Father in you, take responsibility and transform into a solar being of high consciousness. The pure male quality of focus, direction, introspection and peace is recognizing itself.  In deep respect of the female and capable to create peace on Earth.

You have male and female aspects. it is possible to find inner peace. Beyond that you can also create peace  between your parents and ancestors, thus hindering them from continuing to fight within you. We are living in a time of transformation, when we could collectively grow up in order not to destroy ourselves and everything like teenagers.

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