Body and Consciousness

1. Love your body and yourself
We need to make peace with our best friend, our body. Then we activate our five outer senses and realize that there are also five inner senses (common sense, imagination, intelligence, memory and intuition).

2. Unlock your power of emotions
Emotions are here to move us. Suppressed emotions can unfold into a usable stream of energy that empowers us.

3. Hit the target thru your power of thought
With our power of thought we lead our body and our power of emotion and realize our unique talent. We are in charge. Let us recognize the unity of matter and spirit in our development!

4. The symbolic eagle’s perspective opens the power of spirit
A mature person recognizes the value of being. Our spirit comprehends the details and the full picture at the same time. We can see how our actions affect the world and accept life as it is.

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