Working method

All what we need in life we have brought with us. The keys to this inner knowledge are awareness, pure intention and our personal effort in its realization.

Cellular Wisdom
In order to integrate the training also on the cellular level, we alternatively listen to teachings and go through personal experience. The music (drum, monochord, central Asian instruments, didgeridoo and ethnic music), songs and movements are bridges to our cellular memory, opening up energy blocks and allowing intuitive access to our inner wisdom.

Evolutionary approach to transformation
In a constellation you learn to see where you have difficulties and how you can heal wounds and solve problems. A trauma can be personal or taken on from our ancestors.
You see the status quo and the healing processes of your male and female side, or your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

Target group
People who want to help themselves and understand global connections.
Men and women, who want to live together in peace with each other and support each other powerfully.

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