Development of body and consciousness

Our body is the home base for the development of consciousness. Body and Consciousness develop simultaneously:

in the child – on the physical level, in the adolescent – on the emotional level, in the adult – on the mental level, and in the mature person on the spiritual level.
Once we discover our emotional chain reactions, we can begin to heal what we have been lacking since our childhood. We learn to love ourselves and to give our life direction.

Then the adults lead their carriage (body) like a coachman (power of mind) who maintains it in good condition. They tame their horses (power of emotion) and know how to handle them. They carry the entire responsibility and also take good care of themselves. The mature persons (power of spirit) are a guest on their journey and support it. They know where they are coming from, when they will get out and where they are going to after having left the carriage, the horses and the driver behind.

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