The 7 currents of power

7 currents of power, flowing thru matter and spirit, are brought into balance within human development

Mystery is inaudible cosmic music – a subtle energy - that we cannot yet grasp, but that brings forth the female and the male principles. The rhythm is the structure, thru which the cosmic music can flow and resonate. The inhaling and exhaling of the mother, prepares the embryo for the experience of life.

After birth, a person experiences first the body and then the growth of the emotional, mental and spiritual powers. The individual recognizes itself in the development of consciousness on four levels. At every level, the self is viewed from another perspective.

Next is the identification of self in relation to society, nature and the cosmos. A deeper understanding of mystery guides one to the next round of development. Mystery abides within each human, allowing one to find and recognize everything within the self.

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